Why us

Tailored transport solutions based on your location.

Our Story

My name is Robert Meehan, CEO and founder of Direct Traffic Solutions.

This is how it all began….

A reflection

One afternoon while coaching my daughter’s Travel Softball team I received a call. The game was in its eighth inning and the team was trailing 6-5. Still, I had to take the call, it was my duty as a CDL Class truck driver who had over 20 years in the Logistics Industry. Minutes later I found myself backing up the 53-foot tractor-trailer at 11 p.m., waiting for the red dock light to turn green, I asked myself one question: “How did this happen?”

Understanding the problem

Apparently, “Our regular freight broker bailed on us last-minute, and they weren’t upfront about it,” explained the manager on duty. The “leading” 3PL broker told the client: “the truck didn’t show up, and the driver called giving a conflicting excuse.”

The opportunity

The incident inspired me to work closely with the shipping manager to learn more about the pains, struggles, bottlenecks, processes, volume, and issues associated with distribution. I helped to develop an agile, simple and systematic approach that was easily scalable to multiple plants across the country achieving excellence in service.

Let’s do it

For two years I worked on tailoring and tweaking a system that I was preparing to implement doing this as I was coaching and spending time with my family. I kept working on a greater vision to bring commitment, passion, and above all-purpose to the billion-dollar logistics industry. In 2012, the vision became a reality, Direct Traffic Solutions was born.

Our Mindset


A vision to bring a more agile and responsive logistical approach to
customer’s many shipping needs.

Unique culture

A passion to bring a unique culture and work experience that enhances
personal and community successes through dynamic training methods.


A tactical approach to technology that brings communication and clarity into supply chains of all shapes and sizes. Offering tailored transport solutions.


Adapting to shifts, crunches, and global issues affecting the day-to-day of the
logistics industry.


Respect and sincerity in interactions with customers regardless of their roles, beliefs, gender, and race.

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