Why us

Tailored transport solutions based on your location.

Our Story

My name is Robert Meehan, CEO and founder of Direct Traffic Solutions. This is how it all began….

A reflection

One afternoon while coaching my daughter’s Travel Softball team I received a call. The game was in its eighth inning and the team was trailing 6-5. Still, I had to take the call, it was my duty as a CDL Class truck driver who had over 20 years in the Logistics Industry. Minutes later I found myself backing up the 53-foot tractor-trailer at 11 p.m., waiting for the red dock light to turn green, I asked myself one question: “How did this happen?”

Understanding the problem

Apparently, “Our regular freight broker bailed on us last-minute, and they weren’t upfront about it,” explained the manager on duty. The “leading” 3PL broker told the client: “the truck didn’t show up, and the driver called giving a conflicting excuse.”

The opportunity

The incident inspired me to work closely with the shipping manager to learn more about the pains, struggles, bottlenecks, processes, volume, and issues associated with distribution. I helped to develop an agile, simple and systematic approach that was easily scalable to multiple plants across the country achieving excellence in service.

Let’s do it

For two years I worked on tailoring and tweaking a system that I was preparing to implement doing this as I was coaching and spending time with my family. I kept working on a greater vision to bring commitment, passion, and above all-purpose to the billion-dollar logistics industry. In 2012, the vision became a reality, Direct Traffic Solutions was born.

Our Mindset