Are You An Independent Freight Agent That’s Frustrated With Your Current Situation?

Are you an Independent Freight Agent that’s frustrated with your current situation? Are they too big and slow to respond to your needs in a timely manner? Are your emails responded to days later, or not at all? Are they just too busy taking care of the bigger Agents needs which take up so much of their time?

At DTS, we treat our Agents with respect and appreciation because we know how hard this business really is. We also know that every one of the “bigger Agents” started out just like you. We invest in our relationships and appreciate every chance we get to show it.

As an established Logistics provider, we equip you with the support, expertise and financial backing you need to succeed:

  • No limits to what you can earn
  • Freedom to set your own priorities
  • Support to help you succeed
  • Access to our extensive carrier data base
  • A user-friendly TMS that’s intuitive, easy to use and dynamic
  • Fully integrated with MacroPoint, DAT, TruckStop, Parade, Tabbi and coming soon… Green Screen
  • Great Back Office and Administrative Support
  • Excellent Credit Rating and Fast, Accurate Carrier Payment via Triumph Pay
  • Quick and easy Carrier on-boarding via My Carrier Packets
  • Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM)
  • Competitive Commission Splits
  • Experienced Sales and Carrier Support Teams to help with large volumes
  • Dynamic Transportation Brand with more than 10 years of proven growth and prosperity

What We Expect from Existing Freight Agents

  • 3 years minimum experience as a Freight Broker
  • A current Book of Business and an active Sales funnel
  • Must be able to work independently and as a team
  • Must be able to prioritize and perform under pressure
  • Ability to work from home or office
  • Build and maintain strong customer and carrier relationships
  • Manage daily shipment activities, resolving issues
  • Input, update and manage shipment information daily
  • No Non-Compete

Contact Mark Weiss:

We Take Care of Transportation,
So You Can Take Care of Business

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